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How to Have Stronger Orgasms During Sex

How to Have Stronger Orgasms During Sex

An orgasm marks the peak or most exciting point of sexual intercourse. Some orgasms are stronger (more intense) than others. For men, I can say from my own experiences that, the strength of an orgasm depends on a lot of internal and external factors. Stronger orgasms are more exciting, therefore, it's better to strive have stronger orgasms when you are fucking that sexy pussy. Remember that, a good pussy comes but once. The following points will guide you to know how to have stronger orgasms.

Control Your Stress Level to Have Stronger Orgasms

Stress is an enemy of great sex; it is an enemy of stronger orgasms.  But, what exactly is stress? It is the state of emotional imbalance which disturbs a person's normal behavior. Too much of stress leads to depression. At worse, stress can potentially render a man useless in the bedroom. High levels of stress reduce the power of male erections. How can you fuck a pussy with a soft dick; it's practically impossible for a flaccid penis to penetrate the vagina.

If you desire to achieve stronger orgasms, try to lower your stress level when you are bed with a woman. Stop unnecessary worries about money or pregnancy. Take your time, relax yourself and fuck that tight pussy. When it comes to having sex, I like to make use of this rule: "if you do; don't fear. If you fear; don't do" You see, it is just that simple. Don't be panting and fumbling over a pussy. Once she offers you the thing, it is yours. As you pound her pussy with your hard dick, you can have an explosive orgasm.

Strong orgasm sex

What Is Unique About Stronger Orgasms?

Stronger orgasms last longer, thereby allowing men to enjoy the great feelings which accompany the shoot out of semen. Aside their relatively long duration, stronger orgasm are marked by more massive contractions in the abdominal regions of men and women.

When a man experiences a stronger orgasm, he usually moans louder than usual when ejaculating. Few men know how to subdue their response to stronger orgasms. I have heard and even seen cases whereby some men cry when they are about to ejaculate. That is a quick indication that he is having a strong orgasm. Ladies should not be scared when a man moans loudly while ejaculating. It's just one of those normal things.

To Have Stronger Orgasms, Make Your Woman to Scream for You

Women are very bad in hiding their response to extreme sexual stimulation. From the beginning of intercourse, most ladies start to scream loudly. Do they always fake those explicit sounds or what? Maybe, we can't tell. Let's assume that they moan in pleasure. The good news is that, most men enjoy fucking loud-moaning girls. A girl who is a good screamer finds it easy to sexually arouse a man.

Sexual sounds weaken men quickly. Moaning provides a secondary source of energy to men. It charges up their erection. The more a lady screams during sex, the harder the male erection, the faster the man pounds the pussy. Consequently, the man  will definitely have a stronger orgasm.  Likewise, the woman. That's the direction proportion rule.

Strong Orgasm During Sex

It's very boring when you are fucking a girl but she doesn't scream. That could send a discouraging signal to men. Even if he not is performing to your satisfaction, still scream for him. It will energize him to fuck you better, so that the 2 or 3 or 4 of you can have a stronger orgasms.

Fuck Her with the Doggy Style Sex Position; You Will Have Stronger Orgasms 

The Doggy style sex position is when you penetrate her from behind, while she bends down. I wrote a great article about the doggy style sex position. Go check it out, if you are still new to it.
Basically, the doggy style position has gained world-wide popularity as one of the favorite sex positions.
It's a killer position which allows men to have more control over sex game, while affording maximum penetration. When used properly, the doggy style sex position gives mutual satisfaction to both parents. It allows men to have stronger orgasms.

Allow Her to Fuck You with the Cowgirl Sex Position; It Can Give Stronger Orgasms

The Cowgirl sex position involves a woman sitting on top of a man in a lying position, and fucking herself with the the dick. I have grown to love that style. It's simply a lazy position which allows men to take a break while the woman does the moves. This position weakens me easily and shortens my normal sex duration. That tells you the magnitude of feelings the position can offer.

Unlike other positions which usually give men more room to increase or slow their rate of stroking, the cowgirl sex position  gives women every right to grind themselves with the dick. In this way, more feelings can overpower men and make them to cum early. Cowgirl sex position usually result in stronger orgasms for men and women.

Fuck Faster When You Are About to Ejaculate; You Can Have a Stronger Orgasm 

Many women would observe that, men go faster when they are about to cum. The reasons is that, fucking her faster usually leads to stronger orgasms. The repeated fast strokes increase the sensation and builds up more energy to be released. The faster you fuck, the stronger the ejaculation.
Slow sex at the end point is a bad idea, if you want to achieve a stronger orgasm. With slow sex, you will ejaculate without benefiting much from the orgasm. Fast sex allows men to fully harvest the orgasmic feelings.


Ladies and Gentlemen, there you go! If you wish achieve stronger orgasms during sex, apply the above mentioned techniques and later tell me your story

Thanks for Reading. Stay Dirty and Have Fun. We Hope You Learned Something New.

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