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Fat Ass in Doggy Style Position

Sex is one of the most important biological inventions for humanity. All of us are products of hot sexual activities between a man and woman which took place in the past. The bothering issue is that; society has brainwashed its members to shy from publicly discussing the joys of sexual activities. Sex is a free gift of nature to humanity. I believe in freedom of expressions. I believe in exploring endless limits. Lack of sexual skills is a destroyer of many relationships. Therefore, it is necessary for guys to learn more and up their bedroom skills, else they risk losing their girlfriends. There is nothing wrong with being a “bad guy”.  It’s better to be bad than to be dumped by a girl because of sexual nonperformance. Such a humiliating scenario!  Girls like to have great sex, so give it to them.

What Exactly is the Doggy Style?
In its simplest description, the doggy style is a sex position whereby a male partner penetrates the female's vagina (or maybe anus) while she is bent down on all fours.  My SHS science teacher had a better way of describing the doggy style position. According to him, the doggy style position is "stroking a woman from behind". The name of this sex position is probably linked to how dogs mate.
The first time I tried this position with my partner, I came inside her wet pussy within microseconds. After the experience, I felt very stupid for not utilizing it early.

The following are the advantages of the doggy style sex position.

It's the Sweetest
The amount of feelings offered by the position is just unimaginable. You heard about my first experience with it. I lost control of the pleasure which was devouring me. The doggy style position gives enough stimulation to both partners. To an unprepared man, the position can make you cum prematurely, thereby disgracing your partner. But with practice, you can become a doggy style pro like myself. Thanks to determination, I have been able to even increase my sex duration with the same position; it’s all about controlling your emotions.
Doggy style could be more pleasurable for women because, the scrotal sacs of the man sometimes rub against the clitoris of the woman. This maximizes stimulation which leads to orgasms. For men, it also believed that the position assists them to successfully hit the G-spot. The G-spot is believed to be a highly sensitive (erogenous) zone in the frontal part of the vagina. When properly stimulated, Females achieve great orgasms.

It's Flexible
With the doggy style, both sexual partners can take turns in dominating the other. Most of the time, the man is the active partner who leads the activity. The woman bends low and receives the full penetrations. I still remember how my woman moaned in pleasure, while calling me names when I was hitting her repeatedly. I could see her feelings. The same is true for most girls. They simply like taking it from behind. A guy who is an expert in doggy style has a little risk in losing his girlfriend. Girls like sex; they love it. Failure to properly serve them with better sex, they either cheat on you or dump you. You are a guy, a man. Show your manhood in the bedroom.

It Uses Little Energy
The Doggy style position is an easy one. In fact, it is a lazy sex position. Think about this: What is difficult about holding onto a woman’s sexy waist while jerking back and forth inside her. Mechanically, the position doesn’t demand more energy because, little work is done against gravity. Unlike the missionary style where the man goes up against gravity, with doggy style, the woman doesn’t have to bear the heavy weight of the man. The feelings even become mutually beneficial when the man stops his movements, and then the lady takes controls of the motion of the dick inside her. She can tune the depth of penetration to suit her liking.
From my own experiences, the doggy style enables the man to achieve maximum penetration, using little effort. Think of it as a lever. You apply a small effort to overcome a bigger load. For fat-ass ladies, the doggy position helps to properly expose the target for the man. It is possible for short and slim dicks to increase their depth inside the orifice. The orifice could either be vaginal or anal. I have not tried the anal, but it seems it looks sexy as well.



Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm back for Good. These are some of the advantages of the doggy style sex position. To some people, the style has its own disadvantages. But we are reserving the disadvantages of the position for a new article.

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