Thursday, November 29, 2018


Here we go again! Bella continued to pester me with her delicious dishes. So when I started eating, she began to yell, “Oh yes baby, give it to me faster, you are such a murderer.”  After the action on that day, I nearly reported myself to the police. Admittedly, I deserved a life-time imprisonment for inflicting multiple wounds on a fleshy defenseless valley. Also, I had caused a frictional erosion which distorted the natural vegetation in the Grand Canyon. No wonder she did call me a murderer after willingly offering me a pawpaw fruit. Was she a stranger to my sharp knife which hungrily chops any tempting meat? Nonetheless, I remembered that I had warned her several times about the unfriendly nature of my pestle. Therefore, there was no need to sympathize with an obstinate lass who became addictive to jeopardies.

But the question is, where were we? Please listen! Luckily enough for me, the new year came sooner than I expected. Given this, if I ever did something bad, the new year would be my accomplice. On the New Year’s Eve day, we decided to go to the market to buy groceries. The subsequent day would be New Year, so we planned to go and grab some provisions so that Bella would prepare appetizing meals for all expected visitors to our house. I could have allowed her to go alone, but I didn’t deem it safe.  I had a fear that she might get cheated or robbed by small boys. So I decided to accompany her securely. Moreover, we could have chatty moments together. I also thought that since the new year was just at the corner, I couldn’t predict where my blessings would come from.

When we finally reached the market after chartering a taxi, Bella and I made our way to the stores. It was an excellent shopping experience. Once again, I was so lucky to have enough cash with me. The money given me by my dad was still bountiful. I quickly became smart by convincing Bella to order for less expensive food items. She couldn’t have argued with me for long, knowing how I easily lose my temper. When she accordingly obliged and we bought economical foodstuffs, we were still left with millions of coins. I felt proud that my calculations were working. We had to device ways of spending the leftover amount. Then I thought of a nice idea. What if we visited a guesthouse to relax and make new year resolutions? She ignorantly endorsed that, my idea sounded great. She further told me that, she would always be proud of the way I effortlessly make scientific discoveries. I replied that it was my pleasure. Then, we quickly vanished from the market.

In a matter of 30 minutes, we saw ourselves at the forecourt of Lovers Inn Hotel; it was one of the people’s favorites. They had spacious bedrooms stocked with gigantic bouncy beds, flat screen televisions and what have you. But we had little time to waste. We were already late, except that we hadn’t accomplished all our missions. Bella and I took a collective romantic shower at the bathroom. She nearly finished me over there. In the bathroom, she became an actor. The way Bella gently caressed and stroked the banana was devilish. I wondered what was her motivation for intentionally trying to wake up a sleeping dog. We were there to make new year resolutions; look at what was doing. I then realized that she just wanted to eat me alive. I had to stop her in time before she shortened my lifespan.  After a boisterous commotion, I managed to drag her to the top of the bed. At that time, we all knew that something tasty was bound to consume us.

Inadvertently, I finally climbed her mountains and starting explorations. Like I rightly predicted, she had sworn to abbreviate my life expectancy. Why did she instruct me to bear the weight of her legs on my shoulder? It was nothing but a punishment in disguise. How long and how high could I raise those legs to the skies? Nevertheless, it was a delicate moment for the two of us; I didn’t want to spoil the fun. I happily obeyed her orders. After locating the target, I began firing my shots in quick successions while comfortably enduring her weighty lower appendages. This was the instance she called me a murderer. It was very ironical. I was only obeying instructions, and here she is, calling me a murderer. I assumed that her metaphorical descriptions were only proportional to the magnitude of my perpendicular forces concentrated on such her small area. I gradually increased my angles of attack to account for her shaky drifts. I was surprised that I didn’t mind her when she began begging me to forgive her sins. I continued to puncture her loin regions for some minutes.

All of a sudden I could sense a looming danger. Some enemies of progress were on their way to destroy me; they were coming to arrest my feelings. While I jerked to and fro inside her cavity, her screams intensified and gained the compassion from my tubular fluid suppliers. Oh Yes, I couldn’t control them any longer, so they oozed out in their numbers.

Bella and I laughed. Off we went.

Writer: Robert Abalungo (Bob Bright)

BSc. Physics, KNUST
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Saturday, November 24, 2018


Welcome to the second episode of our articles on qualities of good girlfriends. Surprisingly, our articles about relationships receive positive reviews from a lot of viewers.
Like we discussed in the previous episode, choosing a marriage partner is one of the most important decisions one can ever make in life. A good girlfriend grows to become a wife. A bad girlfriend never gets to be a wife. Four qualities of good girlfriends are listed below

Excellent cook
Boys in general are either bad or lazy cooks. We don’t just see the kitchen as our place. Boys like to spend their spare time watching soccer, playing games or browsing the net. We are constantly busy trying to figure out ways to make money and become rich so that we can take care of our families. In this regard, men search for ladies who are good at preparing delicious meals. We intentionally prefer to put our girlfriends through cooking examinations. Once a girl fails that test, she has a lot to worry about her future with her boyfriend. As a boy myself, I can disclose to girls that being a great chef in the kitchen is a big plus for your rating as a wife material. Boys conclude that a lady who is a bad cook won't make a good mother to kids. However, it’s ok if a girl doesn’t know how to cook. Such a lady must only make sure she possesses other desirable qualities which would substitute for her poor cooking skills

Calm and Compassionate
Boys like rowdy girls as sex partners; not marriage partners. Even though, it can be entertaining to have a girl who likes to make noise, many boys never dream of settling down with gangster girls. Boys yearn for cool and calm girls to marry in the future. Few men would want to marry loud girls. The fear of boys about loud girls is that they could become abusive to their parents if they get married. It can be very worrisome to marry a lout. Girls of that kind can be lazy jerks. They respect no one except their husbands.

Sexy and bad in the bedroom 
over-religious girls are a complete turn off for many men. It’s good for a girl to be prayerful or devout, but when a girl decides to value her church and prayer life more than her sex appeals, it kills the sexual desires of her man. Men are turned on by sexy dresses. A good girlfriend shouldn’t overlook the dresses she wears when she enters the bedroom with her man. Unsexy and holy church dresses should never find their way into romance. They don’t charge up the feelings of men. Failure to wear miniskirts, leggings (skinnies), sexy bra and whatnots, you kill the sexual feelings of your men. Personally, if I meet an unsexy girl in my bedroom, I wouldn’t even touch or say something meaningful to her. You can’t convert my bedroom into prayer camp. Which angel is coming to visit us? A girl can be cool and godly somewhere else, but when we meet in the bedroom, boys expect dirty dressing and dirty language. You kill our feelings with your long and loose dresses. During sex, boys crave for their girls to be equally active and participative. It’s very insulting to be giving it to a girl properly, but she lies down silent and motionless. Come on bitches, do something. Change the positions and give us the screams. We absolutely love it. It is a strong signal to us that we are performing.

Finally, don’t be a yes man
Even though, a man is a symbol of honour and respect, we expect women to sometimes challenge our decisions. Good girlfriends should not fear to question their boys about their actions. Communication is very important in sustaining a relationship. When partners develop good communications skills, it can be difficult for their relationship to crumble. Assuming a girl dislikes her boyfriend’s addiction to soccer betting, she should be bold to confront him for discussions. Women mustn’t stay mute in relationships; it makes things one-sided. Boys admire girls who are fearless in approaching them sensibly. Boys are ever ready to hear their women complain about their actions and inactions; we interpret it to mean that you care about us. Also, it suggests that such girls are critical thinkers. Don’t be spectators to our wrong doings. Girls are not slaves; and boys are not masters.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Ouch! Oh yeah, just give it to me! Ha-ha! What were you thinking? It’s Bella and Bob Bright on it again. You can call us B-Square. Did you expect us to be sitting idle and be gaining weight? Oh no, vacations came once in a blue moon, and moreover, we needed to burn calories. I rather prefer going to Bella’s mobile and flexible gymnasium to any other place. It mattered more to me than my life. By the way, this is how it all started. There was an Xmas Party in my community. We had prearranged that I would go to her house that evening, to take her out, so that we could proceed to the party venue. I found it so troubling and despondent. This time round, I was the one who supposed to visit her. Was she intentionally trying to dodge my soft blows? I questioned and contemplated. I needed to start my selfish physical calculations in time, if I didn’t want to miss that orgasmic target. Wearing a hood over my gangster jeans trouser, with my well-fitted cap worn backwards, I dashed towards her abode.

When I finally approached her residence, I made my way straight to her room. By this time, Bella already knew that the action man had arrived. Nothing so serious transpired within the first 30 minutes of our meeting. She prepared a meal of boiled yam with some palava sauce. I knew she would definitely prepare a carbohydrate, given the magnitude of destructive labour she would likely entertain. We feasted and imbibed some intoxicating beverages. After all, that tipsiness can’t defeat the determination of romantically experienced couple like us. We needed to catapult our atoms to the energized state. Bella and I could both feel the unhappiness that scavenged our sobbing molecules. They were planning and preparing to go for demonstration, for the mere reason that they had been energy-starved for one week. But we weren’t ready to witness this preventable carnage befall on us. We weren’t wealthy enough to incur the cost of damages that will remain if we allowed those atomic and molecular protests to invade our systems. Accordingly, Bella and I quickly brainstormed to resolve the microscopic agitations. What next? She wore briefs which I speedily loosened and disposed on the floor.  And up we went, onto that sofa bed.

We knew we had already fueled ourselves properly, so the engines ignited. And bingo! It was a successful lift-off, thanks to the ingenuity of the two NASA engineers. No one wanted to lose that battle. I never saw Bella in such dangerous maneuvers. Did she want to eliminate me from the planet that day? What was my crime that deserved this exciting punishment? Actually, do you know what was happening? She climbed me like a horse, and laid me flat on the sofa. I nearly regretted for embarking on that trip. But it was too early to start regretting. Bella then painstakingly guided my ballistic missile into that special elastic orifice. It was a deadly feeling. I could clearly see she wanted to show me levels that day. Even though, I also ‘knew my level’, she made my physical calculations completely useless. We didn’t know who was attacking who. I was lost in the game and I needed a GPS device to find my coordinates. Unfortunately for me, Bella was rather the physicist that day. She hid my phone somewhere. Up and down she went on my hardened material, until I was motionless. I wondered whether my ancestors actually lived. Why couldn’t they foresee that looming danger and warn me? I am sure I failed to consult them.

Finally, I was tooting like an ambulance. That was the part that shocked me most. I rather needed to call for fire service, lest I will be charred to death. Luckily enough, the wicked girl slowed things down. She just decided to temper justice with mercy. I thanked her for that kind gesture.
But maybe it wasn’t necessary for me to thank her. Factually, by the time she reduced the period of her oscillations, it was too late. The water service department had already released a battalion of barrels to come and extinguish that burning fire. They might also consider greasing all contact points. The friction generated too much heat. But then, I heaved a huge sigh of relief when the water service department timely rescued me from my joyful sufferings.
I needed to go home and relearn my mechanics. She mustn’t defeat me next time. By the way, we couldn’t attend the party again. I’m not that stupid.

Ha-ha! Hello guys. Hope you enjoyed PART 3. Do you want to see part 4?
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Writer: Robert Abalungo (Bob Bright)

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Saturday, November 17, 2018


Here we go again. It was surely impossible for us to have covered all the essential qualities of boyfriends in our first episode. The reason is simple; boyfriends are highly complicated to be fully understood in just one day. In this regard, let’s evaluate some of the unlisted characteristics of good boyfriends.

Great sense of humour. It was so unfortunate we skipped this principal feature of good boyfriends in our last study. Girls have a lot of taste for funny guys. They absolutely abhor boring guys, but crush on hilarious niggas. But there is no need for us to be amazed at this, since boys themselves dislike their fellow guys who are so cool and disinteresting. I am not a perfect boyfriend though, but excuse me to share my personal experience about how girls fall for amusing guys. As you might correctly guess, I am an over-inquisitive person. I like to trouble my girlfriend with unnecessary questions. I remember asking her one time about why she loves a stupid and broke clown like me. I was completely taken aback at her answer. She told me that, she likes and loves me because I make her feel alright. Again, I went like: How do I make you feel alright? Her reply was that I am so fun to be with, and that no matter how down she feels, a mere phone call with me immediately recuperates her joy. I was so honoured and delighted to hear that a girl would ignore moneyed and fresher guys to come and spend her life with a horrible joker like me. Even though, girls are money-loving, some girls rate humour higher than cash. Few girls really care about handsomeness, and that is why people like myself have pretty girlfriends. They like guys who are entertaining. So if you want to kill them, just be rich and be funny simultaneously. If you are a guy who doesn’t know how to fool or crack jokes, better be worried. Once my girl realized that I like to fool, she followed suit, and now she even fools better than me. A guy who knows how to plant comedies is a big pride to his girlfriend.  Her fellow friends will admire and covet her.

Don’t ignore her family. When it comes to this, boys should never toy with their lives. Some girls tend to feel so insecure. Once a guy fails to show concern for her parents, she tries to conclude that you don’t actually plan of settling down with her someday. One girl forcefully dragged me to go and visit her sisters at a certain faraway guetto. She then shoved me into a rickety and wretched Metro Mass Transit bus and we sped off into a Zongo. I couldn’t have resisted since I could see her desperation to introduce me to her sister as her boyfriend. When we finally got there, the environment was a different thing altogether, but I still enjoyed my short stay. Anyway, we might like to suspend that story here. All I want to say is that, boys should try to familiarize themselves with parents of their girlfriends, once they are convinced that the relationship has a future. For hit-and-quit relationships, there is no need to know each other’s parents, because the two partners might later meet and struggle to even recognize each other

Leniency is a weakness. Let me clearly distinguish things here. Even though, one of the golden rules to having great relationships is being funny, it is mindboggling to state that too much consideration and forgiveness isn’t so helpful. A great boyfriend should be serious and ready to vent his anger when his girlfriend keeps messing up. You don’t have to always pity her. Complain bitterly and sensibly when she goes wrong. Don’t let her beauty to seal your lips and make you dumb and blind to her wrong doings. It is very sexy to occasionally shout at her and show her your unfunny side.  Failure to this, she takes you as an asshole who always forgives. Too much forgiveness is too bad. I like to pay back when a girl intentionally misbehaves. One time, I failed to answer calls from someone for two days, because, I called her one morning but she refused to answer or whatever. After ignoring her for two days, she began changing contacts to call me. When we resolved the fight, our love even magnified.

Never cheat on a good girlIt is unappreciative and demeaning for a guy with an innocent girlfriend to live a promiscuous life. For me, I like to treat people according to the way they are. If she is the non-serious type, go ahead and bang your side-bitches. However, it is haunting and perhaps unfair to be cheating on a girl who has lot of respect and high level of trust.

Fifthly, don’t make hopeless promises.
It is idiotic and suicidal to make empty promises to a girl. Girls aren’t good at forgetting promises, like boys. Conversely, making promises is as easy as ABC to men. I wouldn’t like to share my story with you again. But you know what? I promised to buy a new phone for a girl. It nearly took me my entire life span before I finally settled that fatal promise. Since then, I have learnt my lessons. Don’t go about making dangerous promises because she sorts you out well in the bedroom. The plenty promises prick their brains. They never sleep. They never forget. She keeps reminding you at the times that you are dead-broke.

Learn how to talk dirtyYes, don’t cringe at this. I have a point and I know what I’m talking about. You are not a priest; she is not a nun; you are not in a mission house. So why do you act such hypocritical movies. Personally, I can’t confess how much I used to suck at dirty talks. But thanks my roommates at the university, I don’t need to tell you that I now have my Masters and PhDs degrees in such stuff. Trust me, when it comes to using explicit words to appease girls, no one does it better than my former roommates at the varsity. I prefer to call them superstars. You might not like to know their names. Basically, the truth is that many girls, irrespective of their religious identities, enjoy filthy suggestive language. Their only problem is that their boyfriends ignorantly shy away from such filthy stuff. For example, what is wrong with telling your girlfriend that she freezes you any time she rides you like a motorbike? Ha-ha! Or may be you tell her that, her succulent tits are deadly? They are part of compliments, completely normal. When I started using unprintable language to chat with one girl, I was embarrassed that I didn’t start early. I instantly saw results. Your ability to use obscene language makes it possible to even turn your girl on even if she is on a different planet. Of late, people flop in life because they are focused on being too good. My advice to guys is that you have learn how to do important bad things. Be a gangster. The ladies love it.

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Writer: Robert Abalungo (Bob Bright)

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Friday, November 16, 2018


We didn’t f*ck only once. It is only a fool who goes to sit down after gaining such wonderful experience. After our first coital activity, we didn’t lay down our tools. I am so sorry to shamelessly proclaim that, a countless series of thrilling professional sexual acrobatics wholly devoured our romantic communion for the subsequent vacations, mid-terms and even free-exeat days. As for the number of days I intentionally faked sick and took permissions to go to the hospital, I don’t wanna talk about it. The way I went and murdered that pussy on one night, under the bushy neem trees, near the former Osec school was so unfair. It keeps haunting my innocent conscience any time I recount that day, but I don’t want to blame myself since it was a pleasurable necessary evil. However, I thank god that I got the calculations right, such that barely two (2) minutes after I discharged my gelatinous solution into that honeyed triangular receptacle, a snake fell from the tree. By that time, I had already disembarked that donkey, so we just took to our heels.

Ladies and gentlemen, how about that day, during one of our long vacations? Bella didn’t learn her lessons from our neem-tree snake encounter. She came to my hood one night, in her usual sensual dressings. I couldn’t have waited any longer. I quickly pounced on her. Again, this time round, she wore a pair of tight-fitting brownish leggings, one of my appeals. Even though, I had little patience, we still had some few minutes of dangerous foreplays which then graduated into our main agenda. No one needs to tell you that I stripped off all impediments and readied myself to witness the warm reception of a weapon by a helpless saccharine victim.

I hope by now you know that the game had started. Yes, the two lovely friends finally met each other, while Bella and I just spectated. However, we quickly realized that their game was so sluggish so we decided to help them. It wasn’t easy that day, just as we expected. Bella lay on that high-density latex foam mattress while I computed angles and launched projectiles here and there. Ha-ha! LoL. Nothing is indeed doper than a physicist having a rare supper. It appeared we were both now masters of the game. I made sure I didn’t miss any sensitive interior corner. She was now a whore who met the wrong buyer. I wasn’t surprised when Bella finally turned everything upside-down after about 5 minutes of monotonous reception of that load while she lay supine on the cushion. When she offered me a chance to strike her from behind, I nearly committed suicide. It was the wickedest and the most perfect locus for us to reach the peak.

Here I am, luckily presented with one of my favourite coordinates. I swear, I did justice to that unlucky recipient. I had to use mathematical triangulations before I could figure out where I was actually stationed. As you can rightly predict, given this style, it was impossible for me to contain that feeling. I didn’t want to explode. When it comes to such matters, I can be very greedy and self-centred. I wasn’t ready but I had to prepare myself to undergo elastic deformations which I might not recover from. All of a sudden, it shot out like a bullet and flooded everywhere. Bella couldn’t recognize my face during that moment. Perhaps, the wise thing she could do at that time was to simply mop that flooded river. I wished I could have helped her to clean that mess, but hey! I was exhausted.

Hope You Enjoyed That.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Men are the beginners of many joyful and bitter relationships. They are literally like vultures who are always on the lookout for unsuspecting preys. To wrap up ASAP, boys are usually the bold ones to first approach ladies and start conversations, which gradually metamorphose into a relationship. It appears to be an unwritten rule that men should always shoulder it upon themselves to make the first move. Even though, there is nothing wrong with ladies making the first approach, it is a complete rare occurrence. Having tackled the qualities of a good girlfriend in our first epistle, let’s delve into some desirable qualities of boyfriends, the malicious creative destroyers.

Qualities of a good boyfriend/husband material

Confidence: It isn’t scarce to find boys who are complete jerks. These caliber of guys are completely unsure of themselves. They find it hard to muster courage to even approach ladies fearlessly, however, when they do get lucky and pounce on a considerate girl who accepts their proposal, things could later turn murky and disappointing. How long will you keep faking your confidence.? Some boys are good talkers on the phone but they become paralyzed when they bump into their crushes or lovers. Trust me, no big time girl will ever enjoy a companion with these kids. Your birthday celebrations are forthcoming and you might not want to invite your besties and BFFs only to come and meet a dumb and numb dude who properly exudes timidity(nervousness). My sister, don’t entertain an asshole if you are the hard-core type.

Decisiveness: A good boyfriend is a critical and an independent thinker, not a mama’s boy. He should be mature enough to take tough decisions by himself. Marriage is a bumpy road. Excuse me to use ladies as being vehicles. A desirable driver(man) should be a quick thinker who can navigate a delicate vehicle through muddy waters. With all due respect to woman intelligence, a good man should able to lead, and sometimes even veto certain crucial collective decisions. I can assure you that, no serious girl will take delight in seeing her man always completely lost at sea.

Don’t be poor:  It is alright for boyfriends to go broke at times, but bro, don’t be poverty-stricken for 24/7/365. What do you mean? You think relationships is only about making empty promises and eating the thing carelessly? Huh! Not so fast.  Come on buddy, your woman needs to look superb, she needs to go for a new hairstyle, she needs airtime and internet data. Sometimes they don’t expect much, just a little surprise mobile money alert.  How can you always lack money? By this, you make your future so unpredictable for your girlfriend. Women don’t eat grasses, so be responsible.

Be comforting: Women by nature, easily get disheartened. They are feeble creatures. A little problem and they begin to worry by heart. It is necessary for boys to be smart to spot the feelings of their women and encourage, comfort and reassure them. Boys are supposed to be tough in the face of unfavorable circumstance. Be responsibly care-free and restore hopes to your depressed ladies.

Be appreciative: Loveable guys have a heart of gratitude, thanking and complementing their ladies for their achievements. I remember my girl bought me some shoes without asking for my feet size. Determined to surprise me, she brought me some long shoes which nearly measured twice my actual feet size. Ha-ha! Anyway, I still thanked her for that. It is not a new fact that women love complements, so give it to them. I like to do this, but I rarely expect them to complement me back. I just don’t care.

Don’t also be a gossip: Surprised? Yes, nothing is disgusting and shameful than a man who has time to backbite his woman. This is unmanly. A good guy will not also disclose secrets or weaknesses of his true girl lover to his friends. But truth be spoken, sometimes we boys do it for fun. But I think it isn’t right for a boy who claims to be madly in love with his girlfriend, to mock her fallen boobs or meatless ass to his friends. If your girl goes about describing your short and slim dick to her friends, you might wanna commit suicide, bro. Ha-ha!

Love unconditionally: Humans are not faultless creatures, so your girlfriend does have her Achiles heels. Don’t capitalize on her mistakes or weaknesses and be mean to her. She equally deserves your maximum respect.

Finally, be strong in the bedroom. Actually, this could have been placed as the first point. No girl enjoys your lazy sexual manoeuvers. Cum on, you are a man. It is ok to exhibit naivety during your first few sexual meetings. But my guy, study and up your bedroom games. Sex is a game, so make sure you play it well and win your woman. Don’t forget, sex is may be the number one reason you went into the relationship for, so when you are lucky and she opens that gate, make sure you destroy inside. If she isn’t cool, she will tell you to slow. Not gifted with a sizeable package? Don’t worry, sometimes ladies don’t care about the length or girth, all they care is how you use your small tool. You be there kidding, she go dump you and go for bigger goods somewhere. I’m done. But watch out for part 2. There are still more points to cover.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Unplanned marriages eventually fall on the rocks, if the partners involved fail to spot hidden negatives characters in their lovers during the stage of courtship.  The results of these broken homes is nothing but untold sufferings left to its luckless offsprings. Owing to this, a careful study and analysis must be performed by would-be couples before the rush to tie the knot. In this study, let’s discuss some factors or partner qualities to consider in choosing a marriageable girlfriend.

1.      Hard-working and determined: Personally, I prefer ladies who are hustlers in whatever they do. I want to see your zeal to succeed in your endeavors. Be passionate and serious in life. Don’t just hope to marry so that you could burden me.  Irrespective of the academic qualifications a woman has attained, a man shouldn’t be conclusive that she would make a good wife-material. The fact is that ladies with strong educational backgrounds tend be consumed by pride. Sometimes they try to rub shoulders with their partners. If you are a man who prefers highly educated girls, I advise you to upgrade your qualifications to be a bit higher than that of your partner’s. If not, later on it would be difficult to distinguish who has married who. Lol

2.      Beautiful and sexy: Mind you, men love it when their girlfriends are good-looking. Physical appearance is the number one feature that sells a woman to her potential boyfriend. No lady should ever trust a guy who says they don’t mind about beauty when choosing a girlfriend. To me, beauty is a character. I won’t be surprised if my affection for beauty stems from my poor physique? LMAO! Anyway, that is understandable. If you are an ugly man, better marry a beautiful woman, except that you want to give birth to a monster. In our modern society, no lady has an excuse to have poor appearance. Science has manufactured a lot of cosmetics for ladies to enhance their looks. The only problem is that naturally beautiful ladies who use a lot of make-ups eventually lose their beauty.

3.      Show Respect: Oh my god! This should have been the first point. Rude girls are a complete turn-off for many men. A man is a symbol of honor, so we value respect more than beauty. Any lady looking forward to a successful marriage should make sure she knows how to use a courteous language when interacting with their partner. Marriage extends it branches to all members of the extended and nuclear family systems, so men seek to marry women who know how to appropriately interact with their parents. A good wife-material should also be caring. Please have time for your partner. It is so annoying to call a girl and she intentionally refuses to answer. Women of late think that it is only men who should show concern and affection for them.

4.      Be understanding: Nothing bores a man more than a lady who doesn’t accept her mistakes. We see it as pride when we point at your mistakes but you constantly deny and advance unconvincing lame excuses. In the same vein, men expect their women to accept and forgive them when they go wrong.

5.      Be cheap: Girlfriends today have grown an insatiable desire for money. It is good to be money-loving, but don’t be over demanding and expect your boyfriend to be your source of income. It isn’t all the time we can settle your unnecessary bills. It is ok if you occasionally ask for money from your boyfriend, but please don’t make it a habit. Don’t use your boyfriend to be feeding your family. Your boyfriend equally has his own family financial troubles to sort out. It is very easy for boys to dump their girlfriends because they are so expensive.

6.      Don’t be a gold digger. A good girlfriend should be ready to hustle with me today, so that we can build a future together. I have a saying that, “Instead of looking for someone with future, why can’t you create a future with someone?” There is no need to be cheating on your broke boyfriend with sugar daddies. If you don’t believe in my future, just leave me alone in peace.

7.      Have a sense of humour. Girlfriends should nurture smiling faces and be fun to be with. Many girls crush on funny guys, but I can assure you that men also like girls who are entertaining. Don’t always wear that straight face. Give a smile, even when a boy cracks unfunny jokes. Laughter is necessary for healing conflicts and relieving worries.

8.      Don’t be a gossip. Few men would want to keep a girl who can’t keep secrets as a wife. You can’t go about telling your fellow friends about my weaknesses. How will they respect me, apart from their temptation to nickname me? Finally, there are other qualities of a good girlfriend not listed here. However, I would reserve that for part two of this write-up. You could also leave some comments below. I want to hear from you. Who or what makes a good wife-material? 
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Saturday, November 10, 2018


Oh yeah! Cum on, don’t be hypocritical. What were you thinking? You do it every day. This is a sensitive but essential topic I have chosen to write about today. By this, I humbly implore you to arm yourself to the teeth and get accustomed to this explicitly delicate subject which many people would needlessly shy away from. Sexual intercourse still maintains its meaning today as the act involving the piercing of the female genitalia by an erect blood-filled intromittent male organ. Yes! Were you expecting a science student like me, to define sex as the penetration of the vagina by the penis? Oh no! However, it should be noted with due respect that, the above description of sex is just by choice. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs) are also free to define sex in whatever ways they like. We would absolutely love it.

Lest I digress, let us now quickly dive into my narrative about my sexual encounter with a bitch. It all started way back in the senior high school level. There, we were caged like zoo animals and we rarely had chances of leaving the school premises, except on mid-term breaks and vacations. In the light of this, attending a gender-segregated school like ours coerced our boys to maximally utilize vacations to their full advantage. So what did we do on vacations? Obviously, we did what we weren’t getting chances to do when we were on campus, namely, socializing with friends of the opposite sex and whatnots. During one of our mid-term breaks, I embarked on my usual strolls around my hometown. It was a beautiful Sunday evening. On my way to a drinking spot in Kandiga, I bumped into a cute and hot lady by name, Bella. She was so sultry, but later on, I realized she was such a slut. Trust me, you wouldn’t last a microsecond inside that pussy. After exchanging pleasantries with each other, I was so infatuated with this girl that she quickly became a soulmate.

Bella and I became so close and we frequently paid surprised visits to each other. On one faithful day, my pretty girlfriend came to my house. It was left with about two days before school resumed. In my room, and on my bed, we drank beer and caressed each other. She wore a pair of skinny black trousers which carefully traced her sexy outlook, exposing her huge bumps behind. Damn! What was I seeing? All this while, my manhood became so energetic deep down there, waiting to deliver serious hammer blows to that sweet spot. It was time to proceed to another game, aside the boring conversations. I kissed her passionately and began undressing her. You should have been there to see things. Her pussy lips and her ass were in shape, likewise her fashionable boobs which stood helplessly on her bosom, defying gravity. I was so impatient that I mounted this girl and started digging her mercilessly. Her screams were so melodic and they became music to my ears. As a scientist, I made sure we didn’t violate the law of conservation of energy, so I converted all her sound energy into mechanical energy and did more work.

I was basking in a plethora of feelings I never saw in my entire life. It was only on that day I realized god is great. While I pounded her tight pussy, I perspirated so profusely. In the heat of the moment, I began to notice a sudden change in my movements, then I wondered what explosion was about to happen. The energy build-up became so massive that I couldn’t suppress it any longer, and then a thick whitish and slimy fluid gushed out my urethra. Ha-ha! LOL. The feeling was so intense than ever before. I literally thought that was my last day on the planet. While the flow continued, I wore an ugly facial contortion.
At long last, the pleasurable flow took a break and my feelings went to the ground state. I knew I had reached the climax of the activity I so much desired.
We then parted ways and I went back to school. Mission accomplished.
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Writer: Robert Abalungo (Bob Bright)
BSc. Physics, KNUST
Contact: 0549086173

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