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Why Many Men Prefer Fat Ass Girls

A Fat Ass Girl

It's obvious that Ghanaian men and modern men in general, have developed a liking for bootylicious (fat ass ladies). There is no question that women who are heavily endowed at the back side, are the taste of many guys. 

Is there any secret behind the love for big boobs and buttocks? Yes, there are surely some good reasons why many men would kill to date or marry a fat ass lady. Just read and follow this article passionately, you will understand why many men admire fat ass ladies.

Fat Ass Ladies Are Sexy

Every man wants a sexy babe, isn't it? Even though, there are many slim girls who are equally look sexy and hot, those with big bumps behind automatically look sexy in many ways. The eyes of men are naturally more attracted to women in skinnies and big buttocks. It's not our fault; we can't just stop staring at a fat ass in sexy leggings.

They weaken our sexual response system. Some men even go hard (experience erections) when they sight a big sexy-looking ass passing by their side. Men's affection for fat ass ladies is completely normal. Many of them stare at fat ass ladies because they like to admire the beautiful feminine designs of nature. Women were created for men, so men have every right to admire them without feeling guilty.

A man staring at a fat ass lady is therefore a visual compliment, not an act of lust, as many girls would think. If you are a lady who scarcely observes men looking at you, then you may have to be concerned about your sexual appeal. Consider wearing sexy dresses to impress men.

A Big Ass Lady

It's Nice Fucking a Fat Ass Lady

Fat Ladies aren't only sexy in appearance, they are also sweet and dope in the bedroom. Think about how cool it is when you spank her heavy ass while fucking her tight pussy. Spanking a meatless ass is like slapping a dry bone. You only feel pains 😃.   With the doggy style sex position, fucking a big ass even becomes more interesting. The protruding heavy back of the woman bounces sexily on the dick while the penetration goes on smoothly. As the man looks down on the fat ass of the woman while fucking her in the doggy style position, his erection becomes harder, making sex great for the two partners.

A Fat Ass Woman

Disadvantages of Fat Ass Ladies

Big buttocks girls are irresistible to stare at, but there are real life challenges when fucking a big ass. The heavy back loads sometimes limit the ability of the penis to fully penetrate the vagina.

For inexperienced (amateur fuckers), it re can be very frustrating for a man with a short penis to fully enter a fat ass lady. Obviously, the reason is that her big buttocks partly block the entrance to the vagina.

Despite the shielding nature of big buttocks, a skillful man with a short dick can still carry out full penetration. For example, some men introduce a pillow under the waist of the girl. This helps to somehow expose the vagina for full penetration.

All these sexual struggles are completely cancelled out when you are fucking a slim girl. There is no obstruction to penile entry.  As a result, slim girls are also loved by many guys.

A Slim Sexy Girl

Advantages in Fucking a Slim Girl

Fat ass girls rule, but this does not mean that slim girls are not great to fuck. It will be very wrongful to conclude so. There are many good guys who prefer to fuck slim pussies; slim pussies are mostly tighter than the heavyweight girls. All men can attest to the fact that, fucking a tight pussy gives the best feelings. If you are lucky to get one, hit her well. The advantage in fucking a slim girl is that, you have more control over her weightless body. The man can lift her up and down in any direction, without tiring out too soon.

Slim girls are great are recipients of short/slim dicks. Short penises can easily penetrate slim girls. This is because, the relatively small back load of the girl which can't limit the depth of penetration.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you go! Every kind of bitch has advantages and disadvantages. It therefore becomes a matter of choice for men to pick out what they like and what they can afford. For me, I prefer the big ass ladies. They kill me with everything.

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