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How Does Penis Size Matter to Girls

Does Penis Size Matter?

Men naturally wonder whether their penis sizes matter to women or not. Does it take a big penis to give great sex to a woman? What penis size do ladies enjoy fucking? The answers to these intriguing everyday questions vary from woman to woman. This article will dig deep into penis sizes and their sexual satisfaction potential to women. Some penises are long and slender (slim), others are short and thick.

The greatest penis package a lucky man can get is a penis which is long and thick. On the other hand, the unluckiest men cry with short and slim dicks. A penis which lacks length and girth could appear very embarrassing to its owner or recipient.

At this point, you may think that we are done with the penis types. No, we aren't. All penises fall into two major categories; soft penises and hard penises. We shall now take a look at the different types of penises and their performance levels

Short Penis

What exact range of length makes a short penis? It's debatable but we can assume that, an erect penis which measures less than 5 cm (2 inches), is really short. The truth is that, shortness does not necessarily depict penile disability. Not all short penises are useless, some can even perform better than the big ones. Lol, don’t think that, I say so because I have a short penis. Oh No! I consider myself as falling within the average penis size.

A lot of ladies have shared their thoughts that, they don't really bother about short penises, except those which are extremely short. According to many girls, what matters to them most, is how a man uses his tool, whether small or big. This information should be enough motivation for guys to stop worrying about their penis size. Just learn how to penetrate her, and how to last long during sex.  Nothing could be more boring to a girl than a short-penis-guy who last only 1 minute in bed.

Many women can forgive a man for having a short penis, but no girl will take it easy if you can't last long in bed, in addition to a short penis. This is double trouble 😂.
Please don't fall a victim, you are finished. Your girl will dump you like refuse. You can't always lack everything.

Long Penis

Factually, long and big penises are the favorites of many bad girls. The painful truth is that, majority of the big penis enthusiasts, are girls with wide pussies. Lol, did I get it right? Think about this:  Why will a girl with a tight and narrow pussy, go in for a long and big dick? That will be a dangerous experiment.

 I doubt that any life-loving lady will try that. It's horrible to watch a big cocks thrusting a narrow pussy. Except that you are acting an erotic scene, nothing in real life should push you to sexually punish a girl because of your sexual desire.

The bad girls like long dicks because, long penises afford deeper penetration. Long penises don't only offer maximum penetration, the bigger penises are able to fit tightly and rub against all parts of the vagina. This gives more feelings to the ladies, makes it easier for them to achieve orgasms. They moan in pleasure when they are being fucked by big cocks.

Short dicks have disadvantages when it comes to penetration depth in the vagina. Worse of it all, they are unsuitable for receiving blow jobs. A palm grip on a short dick covers its entire length; there is nothing left for a girl to suck on. When it comes to giving or receiving blow job, big penises win over small penises.

No wonder some men with short penises hunt for penis enlargement drugs/herbs. Personally, I don't trust penis enlargement methods which aren’t natural or herbal. The fact is that, nothing good comes for free. There is no free lunch. Application of too much chemicals to enhance a penis size might give you side effects in the long run.

Except that your penis is too small or short, try to make the best use of what you have. Don't kill yourself with chemicals. The girls have confessed their thoughts; many of them don't bother about penis sizes. All they want is great sex. Moreover, don't believe some of the erotic films which depict big cocks banging hot girls; a lot of them are fake/edited .


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