Sunday, May 26, 2019

Why Many Men Prefer Fat Ass Girls

A Fat Ass Girl

It's obvious that Ghanaian men and modern men in general, have developed a liking for bootylicious (fat ass ladies). There is no question that women who are heavily endowed at the back side, are the taste of many guys. 

Is there any secret behind the love for big boobs and buttocks? Yes, there are surely some good reasons why many men would kill to date or marry a fat ass lady. Just read and follow this article passionately, you will understand why many men admire fat ass ladies.

Fat Ass Ladies Are Sexy

Every man wants a sexy babe, isn't it? Even though, there are many slim girls who are equally look sexy and hot, those with big bumps behind automatically look sexy in many ways. The eyes of men are naturally more attracted to women in skinnies and big buttocks. It's not our fault; we can't just stop staring at a fat ass in sexy leggings.

They weaken our sexual response system. Some men even go hard (experience erections) when they sight a big sexy-looking ass passing by their side. Men's affection for fat ass ladies is completely normal. Many of them stare at fat ass ladies because they like to admire the beautiful feminine designs of nature. Women were created for men, so men have every right to admire them without feeling guilty.

A man staring at a fat ass lady is therefore a visual compliment, not an act of lust, as many girls would think. If you are a lady who scarcely observes men looking at you, then you may have to be concerned about your sexual appeal. Consider wearing sexy dresses to impress men.

A Big Ass Lady

It's Nice Fucking a Fat Ass Lady

Fat Ladies aren't only sexy in appearance, they are also sweet and dope in the bedroom. Think about how cool it is when you spank her heavy ass while fucking her tight pussy. Spanking a meatless ass is like slapping a dry bone. You only feel pains 😃.   With the doggy style sex position, fucking a big ass even becomes more interesting. The protruding heavy back of the woman bounces sexily on the dick while the penetration goes on smoothly. As the man looks down on the fat ass of the woman while fucking her in the doggy style position, his erection becomes harder, making sex great for the two partners.

A Fat Ass Woman

Disadvantages of Fat Ass Ladies

Big buttocks girls are irresistible to stare at, but there are real life challenges when fucking a big ass. The heavy back loads sometimes limit the ability of the penis to fully penetrate the vagina.

For inexperienced (amateur fuckers), it re can be very frustrating for a man with a short penis to fully enter a fat ass lady. Obviously, the reason is that her big buttocks partly block the entrance to the vagina.

Despite the shielding nature of big buttocks, a skillful man with a short dick can still carry out full penetration. For example, some men introduce a pillow under the waist of the girl. This helps to somehow expose the vagina for full penetration.

All these sexual struggles are completely cancelled out when you are fucking a slim girl. There is no obstruction to penile entry.  As a result, slim girls are also loved by many guys.

A Slim Sexy Girl

Advantages in Fucking a Slim Girl

Fat ass girls rule, but this does not mean that slim girls are not great to fuck. It will be very wrongful to conclude so. There are many good guys who prefer to fuck slim pussies; slim pussies are mostly tighter than the heavyweight girls. All men can attest to the fact that, fucking a tight pussy gives the best feelings. If you are lucky to get one, hit her well. The advantage in fucking a slim girl is that, you have more control over her weightless body. The man can lift her up and down in any direction, without tiring out too soon.

Slim girls are great are recipients of short/slim dicks. Short penises can easily penetrate slim girls. This is because, the relatively small back load of the girl which can't limit the depth of penetration.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you go! Every kind of bitch has advantages and disadvantages. It therefore becomes a matter of choice for men to pick out what they like and what they can afford. For me, I prefer the big ass ladies. They kill me with everything.

Stay Dirty and Have Fun


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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Find Out Why Women Moan (Scream) During Sex

Why Women Moan During Sex

Oh Yeah! Fuck Me Harder! I Like It 😀 Have you ever heard these words from a girl while you were digging her pussy? We call it screaming (moaning).  Most bad boys (sex addicts) will testify that a lot of women cry softly and sometimes loudly when they are being penetrated by a hard cock. This article aims to provide reliable answers to why women scream during sex. The reasons for females moaning during sex could range from pleasure, for fun and pain.

Why Women Scream During Sex

Expression of Pleasure/Satisfaction

It's very meaningful to attribute sexual moaning to pleasure. Penetrative vaginal sex stimulates numerous nerve endings in the vagina. This releases tons of sexual pleasure which cannot just be taken in silence. Women scream during sex because the pleasure forces them to do so. It's more like an automatic reflex action. In short, a woman screaming during sex is simply an audible expression that she is enjoying the sex act.

It communicates to the man that the sex is sweet; it's on point. When a woman screams in pleasure, it becomes a motivation to the man, signifying that he is doing the right job. From personal experiences, I have realized that my erection grows harder when I'm fucking a girl and she screams well. It just gives me more energy to service her.

Women who don't moan during sex are doing a great sexual disservice to their partners. Almost all men get charged when they hear those sounds. Sex becomes boring for men when their partner is completely silent and motionless during sex. Silence during sex kills the ego and vim of men. Never do that to your man; moan for him and charge him up. That way, he can give you better sex

Scream in Pain During Sex

It's not every vaginal or anal penetration that women enjoy. An extremely big dick fitted in a tight pussy (or ass) won't give only pleasure to a woman; the size mismatch will also introduce pains to the woman. In that case, she has no option than to scream or cry loudly. Men have to be considerate and compassionate to women during sex. Slow down or stop giving it to her, when you realize that she is in pain. The speed and depth of penetration also influence the extent of moaning. Fuck faster, slower or deeper according to her wish. Don’t be pounding her ignorantly and selfishly.

Fake Moaning

Despite the fact that majority of women moan in pleasure during sex, other women fake their screams to deceive their men into thinking that they are enjoying the sex.   Women have intrinsic desires that make them yearn to satisfy their men duration during sex. Moaning is the correct fake signal that women employ to make their men believe that they are doing something, even though they might not. But that is normal and ok. A man can still take inspiration from fake screams to improve his sexual performance.

Why Do Men Scream During Sex?

It should be noted that it's not only women who scream in pleasure during sex. Men also moan when they are about to ejaculate. They do so in response to the build-up of sexual pleasure. As a man, I can testify that male ejaculation is just too much of a feeling. That's why some men cry when they are about to release their semen. The feeling is too much to be contained without opening your mouth. The fact is that, ordinary penetration of the vagina by the penis isn't so exciting; climax is the most fulfilling part of intercourse for men.

If you want to really understand why women scream during sex, think about why you scream when you are releasing shit from your anus. You do so because, a ball of solid fecal matter is penetrating your anus in search of a way to escape to the outside world. 😂 The same is true for females moaning when they are penetrated by a dick. Ha-ha! No wonder, gays, lesbians and bisexuals enjoy anal sex.


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

When Should You Marry Your Girlfriend?

When Should You Marry Your Girlfriend

Girlfriends differ in beauty and character. But how will you perfectly plan the right time to marry the right girlfriend? It’s not enough to have a good girlfriend; the pressing issue is when to finally decide to take her to the altar. Nowadays, the ultimate goal of most serious romantic relationships is marriage. Consequently, once you enter into a relationship, you become tied to a string of marriage promises.

There is no doubt that marriage is an important social institution which fulfills the common dreams of the lovers involved. In fact, I can’t wait to get married to Bella (my supposed beautiful girlfriend). We have been together for too long (almost 3 years). Even though I would like to get married as soon as possible, I do think that marrying the right girlfriend at the wrong time could negatively affect your futures. The worst case scenario is when you marry a wrong girlfriend at the wrong time; then you are finished.

Are you bothered with thoughts about when you should marry your sweetheart? Does your girlfriend keep pestering you with marriage arrangements? Don’t worry; Be relieved. This article will assist us to cope with the pressures and demands which come with dating.

          When Will You Marry Her

Factors to Consider Before Marriage

Desirable Partner Qualities

Girlfriends come in millions but few are good and marriageable. We can say that, many are called, but few must be chosen. A man may be able to hide and date multiple girls for fun, but theoretically, it’s impossible for him to get married to all of them. I think it is pretty easy to figure out the right girl to marry. Just ask yourself these questions: Do you really love each other? Is your partner understandable or trustworthy? Is she respectful? Can she support you to achieve your dreams? For me, these are the most important qualities I usually expect from good girlfriends. Once I ascertain that a girl possesses these desirable qualities, it becomes very easy for me to fall for such a girl. I can even die for her. Please, don’t try that at home.

Capability to Shoulder Responsibilities

I’m still a bachelor, but I can see that, marriage is like an official registration to carry out responsibilities. There is bride price to pay. That is not all; you will have to provide for the physical and emotional needs of your partner. It sounds like marriage isn’t for kids and broke boys. A friend of mine shared a marriage advice with me. According to him, if you prematurely rush into a marriage, you will rush out.

It’s better to take time to analyze your pocket before you allow a girl to trap you into a poverty-stricken marriage. Even though, riches do not guarantee a successful marriage, money makes things easier. With money, there is more joy and less fights. You need money to be able to take good care of your wife and family. Depending on the nature or class of your girlfriend, it may even be possible for you to get married with little resources. Several people have done it successfully. It is up to you to decide whether you have the minimum amount of resources to sustain a marriage. Do you have time and money? If yes, then go ahead to marry.

A Sex Girlfriend

As a fresh unemployed graduate, I wish I could marry early before the age of 29 or 30. The problem is that, I need to get a job or source of income before I succumb myself to marriage pressure from my girlfriend. I don’t know why girls like marriage like that. Is it a world cup? LoL! Anyway, that is understandable. Grown-up girls need independence from their family. At the same time, they are equally pressured by their friends and family members to marry. Therefore, it’s ok for girls to love marriage. However, good girlfriends should ensure that they give their men a chance to succeed, so that they can take good care of your needs. Pressuring a man to marry you ASAP, is not the right way to secure a husband. If he likes/loves you, he will marry you when he is ready. Don’t give too much pressure for little boys to marry you. We understand your impatience, but please gives us a break. We are sorting things out, one after the other.

About My Girlfriend (Bella) and Me

I just don’t know how it happened, but I think my partner and I were destined for each other. We have a fantastic chemistry. Our sense of fun matches perfectly. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, our educational levels are far apart. I’m a graduate; she is not. The good news is that, we understand, respect and love ourselves to the maximum. We fool together, cry together and advise each other and hustle together. That’s the beauty of our union. This is not to say that we don’t have problems. In fact, we do argue and annoy each other at times, but we often resolve our differences ASAP.

Anyway, forget about my bragging with my girlfriend. I just want to share my relationship experience with you.

In summary, the right time for you to marry your girlfriend is when you are ready with cash and attention. In addition to that, make sure your girlfriend is the marriageable type. I have already written great articles about qualities of good boyfriends and qualities of god girlfriends. Read them and assess your partner.

Thanks for Reading.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Why Do Men Like Oral Sex (Blow Job)?

Why Men Like Blow Job

Oral sex involves using the mouth to give sexual pleasure to your partner. Blow job is a form of oral sex which involves a woman using her mouth or lips to suck on a man’s dick (penis). A more technical name for blow job is fellatio. Does that sound weird or unnatural? Please relax yourself, ok? Blow job is as old as methuselah; it’s not a modern day sexual invention.

Instead of rushing in with biblical doctrines to condemn oral sex as evil, you might want to rather grab a bitch and let her experiment blow job on you. Ha-ha! I can assure you that you will swear by your ancestors that, blow job is gamechanger.

My Personal Experience with Blow Job

Initially, I found it troubling to ask for a blow job from my partner. Fortunately, I’m blessed with an experimental personality. One day, I quickly took inspiration and requested for a blow job from Bella. That was on one night when she visited me. Actually, I didn’t openly demand for the blow job; all I did was, remove my banana and present it to her face. And bingo! She got the clue and kept it in her mouth and started sucking the thing like toffee.

I couldn’t believe the speed with which Bella grabbed the cock and stroked its entire length with vigor. Inside her mouth, my thing grew harder and longer. This was followed by sweeter feelings which sparked through my whole body.

The oral penetration was so wicked. What did I do to deserve these feelings? I questioned myself while carefully enjoying the act. At a point in time, I realized Bella was tired. I took charge of the game by holding her head with my two hands and then jerking back and forth inside her mouth. This time, it was Bella who straddled on top of me; I lay on my back with my face facing her face.

Oh Yeah! She Can Give You a Blow Job

The pleasure even seemed to be higher than what I usually get from vaginal penetration. You know she got her soft tongues rolling over my manhood. The blow job was just revolutionary. Anyway, I understood that. That is what you get when you are so curious to try everything. I don’t blame myself so much; I’m a science student – I have every right to be curious.

I couldn’t figure out whether Bella enjoyed it or not. That was not very important; she just offered to please me orally. As I went in deeper and faster inside her mouth, the pleasure became too much for me. Since it was my first blow job experience, I had to be extra careful not to cum (ejaculate) inside her mouth. That would be very terrible and ugly. Thankfully, I was able to timely offload my dick from her mouth. This saved me from creating a messy scene.

After removing it from her mouth, I decided to finish off the act by penetrating the correct place. When I fitted it inside her tight pussy and began to move to and fro, the liquid came out immediately. I guess it had been waiting for too long to climax me. My body shook uncontrollably as I emptied everything into her vajayjay; I’m just a bad man who doesn’t care about pregnancies. Ha-ha! Really? The bottom-line is that, I assumed she had taken steps to avert unwanted pregnancies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that was just the story of my first blow job encounter. However, please be careful! Never force a girl to give you a blow job. You won’t enjoy it if it’s against her wish. What if she bites off your dick? LoL! That probability is very low. But if it happens to you, bro, you are going to bleed to death. Therefore, respect her decisions and stay professional. I advise that, you should't even demand a blow job from an untrustworthy partner. She could easily infect you with dangerous bacteria.

In summary, oral sex (blow job) feels great when performed on a male partner.  Men like oral sex because, it gives them pleasurable sensations; more like penetrative vaginal sex.

But it should not be forced on a woman. With the exception of few bad girls, some women do not like giving blow jobs to their guys. For suck kind of girls, you need to make good use of her pussy and boobs. That would compensate for the blow job denial.

Will You Like Her Blow Job?

Thanks for Reading. Stay Dirty and Have Fun

I Will Find Time and Write an Article About Licking of Her Pussy.  

That Would Be Fair to My Female Readers.

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