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Find Out Why Women Moan (Scream) During Sex

Why Women Moan During Sex

Oh Yeah! Fuck Me Harder! I Like It 😀 Have you ever heard these words from a girl while you were digging her pussy? We call it screaming (moaning).  Most bad boys (sex addicts) will testify that a lot of women cry softly and sometimes loudly when they are being penetrated by a hard cock. This article aims to provide reliable answers to why women scream during sex. The reasons for females moaning during sex could range from pleasure, for fun and pain.

Why Women Scream During Sex

Expression of Pleasure/Satisfaction

It's very meaningful to attribute sexual moaning to pleasure. Penetrative vaginal sex stimulates numerous nerve endings in the vagina. This releases tons of sexual pleasure which cannot just be taken in silence. Women scream during sex because the pleasure forces them to do so. It's more like an automatic reflex action. In short, a woman screaming during sex is simply an audible expression that she is enjoying the sex act.

It communicates to the man that the sex is sweet; it's on point. When a woman screams in pleasure, it becomes a motivation to the man, signifying that he is doing the right job. From personal experiences, I have realized that my erection grows harder when I'm fucking a girl and she screams well. It just gives me more energy to service her.

Women who don't moan during sex are doing a great sexual disservice to their partners. Almost all men get charged when they hear those sounds. Sex becomes boring for men when their partner is completely silent and motionless during sex. Silence during sex kills the ego and vim of men. Never do that to your man; moan for him and charge him up. That way, he can give you better sex

Scream in Pain During Sex

It's not every vaginal or anal penetration that women enjoy. An extremely big dick fitted in a tight pussy (or ass) won't give only pleasure to a woman; the size mismatch will also introduce pains to the woman. In that case, she has no option than to scream or cry loudly. Men have to be considerate and compassionate to women during sex. Slow down or stop giving it to her, when you realize that she is in pain. The speed and depth of penetration also influence the extent of moaning. Fuck faster, slower or deeper according to her wish. Don’t be pounding her ignorantly and selfishly.

Fake Moaning

Despite the fact that majority of women moan in pleasure during sex, other women fake their screams to deceive their men into thinking that they are enjoying the sex.   Women have intrinsic desires that make them yearn to satisfy their men duration during sex. Moaning is the correct fake signal that women employ to make their men believe that they are doing something, even though they might not. But that is normal and ok. A man can still take inspiration from fake screams to improve his sexual performance.

Why Do Men Scream During Sex?

It should be noted that it's not only women who scream in pleasure during sex. Men also moan when they are about to ejaculate. They do so in response to the build-up of sexual pleasure. As a man, I can testify that male ejaculation is just too much of a feeling. That's why some men cry when they are about to release their semen. The feeling is too much to be contained without opening your mouth. The fact is that, ordinary penetration of the vagina by the penis isn't so exciting; climax is the most fulfilling part of intercourse for men.

If you want to really understand why women scream during sex, think about why you scream when you are releasing shit from your anus. You do so because, a ball of solid fecal matter is penetrating your anus in search of a way to escape to the outside world. 😂 The same is true for females moaning when they are penetrated by a dick. Ha-ha! No wonder, gays, lesbians and bisexuals enjoy anal sex.


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