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4 Weird Facts About Orgasms (Sexual Climax)

Strong Orgasm

It is only the hopeless virgins πŸ˜„ who might not relate well to this orgasm topic. In any case, I might be wrong to conclude that way. Maybe it's possible for one to have an orgasm without breaking his or her virginity. If that's the case, then forgive me. As for the virgins, shout outs to them. We know it's not easy. For those who have already broken their virginity more than a million times, today is the day for you to find out some weird facts about those sexual climax moments (orgasm).

 Though, orgasms are short-lived (usually lasting few seconds), they are the best parts of intercourse. Sex becomes boring when it doesn't result in an orgasm for one or both partners. Unfortunately, the sexual satisfaction equation isn't always balanced during sex between a male and female. For most men, an orgasm marks the peak and the end of intercourse. The same is not true for women.

Sometimes it's left with few seconds or minutes before the woman can achieve her orgasm, unfortunately, the female climax is sometimes marred by a lame male performer who suddenly contorts his face and starts oozing his things out. This abruptly ends the intercourse, leaving the woman unsatisfied.   Personally, it's been long since I had an orgasmπŸ€” (My Girlfriend has been away from me for some time now). I can't wait to grab her again and show her my Badness.

A Woman Enjoying Her Orgasm

Anyway, the following are 3 weird facts about male and female orgasms.

Males Achieve More Orgasms Than Females

A popular research about orgasm rates in heterosexual intercourse found that women achieve 1 orgasm out of 3 male orgasms. This is a huge satisfaction gap between the two genders.  It is so unfair to them. But I'm sure they are ok with that. Maybe women derive more pleasure just by having a soft male organ move inside them. If that is true, then there is no need for them to reach orgasm before being satisfied.

As for men, I can say that reaching an orgasm is the most exciting part of intercourse. That is why we sweat to get there. Pounding her tight pussy is sweet, but those feelings can never be compared to the moment we sense that some fluid is about to flow. That moment is very dangerous for men; we lose control of our bodies. Girls might have observed that boys fuck faster with their mouths sometimes widely opened, when they are about to release the shit. The faster we move, the sweeter the feelings πŸ˜©πŸ˜„. LoL! It's like I'm leaking so many male secrets to girls. 

Again, I have learnt that some men even cry when they are about to cum. I don't know much about that. For me, I normally just open my mouth to allow some of the feelings to escape into the air. The intensity of male orgasms isn't always the same. It depends on the mood of the man and the nature of the girl. One would expect that sleeping with a sexy girl would give you stronger orgasms than sleeping with an unappealing girl who wears long dresses and doesn't know how to impress men in bed. πŸ˜„

Haha! What's Happening to Her?Orgasm

Female Ejaculation Is Squirting

It's not only men who release semen during orgasms. Some females also experience a shoot out of fluid (squirt) from their vagina when they are appropriately stimulated. Don't misunderstand the female ejaculates to be urine. They are not. Researchers know that the watery content is similar to that of the prostate gland of males. However, female ejaculation is a rare occurrence; only the lucky ones experience some.

Also, few men are Skillful enough to make to make a woman shoot out water πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸ˜„. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Some women can have multiple orgasm within the same round of Intercourse. Fortunately, I'm one of them. Oh no, my woman is one of themπŸ˜€. There he goes with his bragging again.

A Lot of Women Fake Their Orgasms

Surprised? Don't be. It might shock you to know that there are women who don't experience Orgasms at all, no matter how long they are drilled by a big cockπŸ† The lack of female orgasms could be attributed to stress and emotional or physical abuse.  All I can say is that, just pray you don't meet one, otherwise you are dead.

Now back to the faking of orgasms by women. The problem is that, women like to sacrifice their pleasure for men. Consequently, majority of them fake their orgasms just to make their men feel like they are performing great (meanwhile the man might not be doing anything). This is why it's important for men to be smart in the bedroom. If you see that your performance isn't that great, don't be smiling with pride when she deceives you that she's reached an orgasm. If you aren't convinced that she has reached an orgasm, continue to pound her for some time. If she says she is tired, then you can stop.

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These are just few weird facts about orgasms.

The bonus fact for today is that, it's even possible for dead bodies to achieve orgasm (That's Not from me: it's according to a research). The troubling question is just how a dead body would enjoy such an orgasm. Also, other women can even achieve orgasm by mere thought, without having sex.

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  1. Do men also experience multiple orgasms?

    1. Haha! Good Question. It is absolutely normal for men to have multiple orgasms. Personally, I have experienced some before. It depends on the refractory period of the men. Once you ejaculate, the dick usually becomes flaccid, but if a man is able to continue with the intercourse, he can have multiple orgasms


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