Saturday, December 15, 2018


One day, I was somewhere but I could hear my girlfriend shouting, "Oh Baby I like It, Hit Me Harder, You Are Such a Horse, Ouch! Don't Break Me ".  I got so frightened and jealous after hearing these sexual sounds. Which stranger was giving it to my girlfriend like this? Was Bella Ok? I began to fear for her.   

Luckily enough, I remembered that it was an occasion of my girlfriend's birthday. Truth be spoken, I hardly celebrate my own birthdays so I didn't expect Bella to be expecting much from me on the occasion of her day. After all, anytime I get her, it's a birthday. To me, there is nothing special about her birthday. What was she going to celebrate about? OK, I got it. She was going to celebrate and give thanks to god for my life. I was a gift from above and a rare breed. How many of her female friends have bedroom bullies? I thought hard to find an appropriate birthday gift for Bella, but the ideas weren't forthcoming. I wanted to take my time and get things right, once and for all.

After stressing my brain for several hours, the answers finally leaked to me. The gifts were already all over me. Money was never a problem. With money, I could buy anything for Bella, including herself. I had the presence of mind to understand that Bella needed nothing much from me. I only had to wholeheartedly commit my soul, spirit and body to her. But I was sure she didn’t need my spirit or soul for anything. Of what use is a spirit or soul to a girl with a hungry pussy? I decided that I would avail myself for her any time she needed my service.

Sacrificially, I invited my girlfriend to visit me in the evening time. I would be delivering a whole lot of birthday packages to my sweetheart. She didn't fail to appear at my house for the meeting. On her arrival at my abode, I realized I was so hungry for food. She needed to cook a meal of plain rice with tomatoes stew. Rice was a better choice because it takes a little time of about 40 minutes to get cooked.

I provided Bella with all the necessary ingredients, so we went into the kitchen. Ladies and gentlemen, I was ashamed of what was going to take place in the kitchen. There was a raised platform in the kitchen measuring up to my waste level. It was an extension of the sink system, but luckily enough, it was a completely dry and unoccupied section.

In the kitchen, things took a different dimension. I wasn't sure I was food-hungry again. After staring at Bella's sexy dresses, I quickly shut and locked the kitchen door to make emergency preparations. Since we were in the kitchen, it was possible a fire could suddenly erupt and consume us. Ironically we didn't want to be saved by anybody if the blaze set in. This was the reason for which I shut the door.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can't forget that Bella was still provocatively dressed. I was now thirsty for something else. She was half-naked. So I lifted her to the raised platform in the kitchen. My master had already enlarged to its elastic limit. Her curvy shape and huge ass were my weak points. They turn me on anytime I stare at her. Once again, my calculations were performing wonders.

Bella knelt on all fours on the platform, as if she was going to crawl. When I stood on the floor to match her exposed butt, it was a befitting height, with no standard deviation. She was going to nourish my gear lever with engine oil. I stood speechless for some seconds, marveling at the engineering work behind that position.

Uncontrollably, I started attacking Bella with my strengthened anterior projection. Bella could be heard screaming in satisfaction. The loud sounds that were created anytime I hit her hard nearly betrayed us, so I decided to shift to slower gears. It was unfortunate that some of you weren’t present to witness the feelings that were emanating from her habitat. I was in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. I went left and right inside her slippery waters.

Her swimming pool was the best in the world. I could go all the way inside without getting drowned. The position was too convenient for me; it utilizes little energy. Of course there is nothing difficult about standing on your feet while holding her waist and going back and forth inside her. It's more like walking, except that you don't cover any distance. So let's call it stationary walking.

While I jerked inside her cylinder, I held on firmly to her waist to ensure that she never missed a single shot. At a point in time, Bella turned her face and kissed me passionately. I assumed that she was enjoying my topnotch performance. She would later prove me right. As for me, I don’t usually remember to reserve time for such romances when I am busily destroying my recipients. I attacked her vent for more than 30 minutes without sensing tiredness.

The subsequent minutes that elapsed saw Bella restless. The intensity of the blows grew stronger and deeper every minute. I couldn’t trace the source of my vim that day. But I recollected that the position was energy-conservative. I was selfish enough not to change it. Moreover, Bella too was having fun, except that I was defeating her.

I knew that I needed to do a little work before I set her mad. So I professionally removed the content inside her opening and reloaded it heavily and immediately. Come and see Bella flying everywhere. She was a rocket that just attained its escape velocity. Since I was a payload in the cargo section, I was bouncing and impacting on every interior wall.

We were now up in the sky. This was the first day I saw Bella wearing an unnatural face. She suffered because she stubbornly refused to beg me early. Finally, I let Bella took over the movements while I still stood still on my feet. When I granted her that opportunity to rule the game, she customized the rhythms of her motion to suit her desire. Few minutes later, the feelings eventually overpowered her body; she stopped receiving the backshots. This time round, Bella’s mouth was wide opened while her body shook uncontrollably. I felt prouder that day. She was the one who surrendered.

The only challenge I faced was that my manhood was still energetic enough to go extra miles. But since I didn’t want to punish her with further penetrations, she offered and massaged my boss until the whitish slimy fluid was jettisoned. The equation was now balanced; so we stopped the reaction.

I was a sexual hero that day. No wonder Bella promised to build me a statue in her father’s house.

Ha-ha! Hi Guys. Bob BrighT HeRe. ThAT Is Episode 6.
Very Mad, RighT?
EpiSode 7 Will Follow After The Xmas & New YeaR bREAk.
TAke Care of YourSelves & Have Fun.
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Writer: Robert Abalungo (Bob Bright)
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Monday, December 3, 2018


I wonder when Bella and I would ever go on retirement. The more we meet, the more professional we become. There is no need for remorse; we are on our way to receiving a Nobel Prize in Sexuality.

Do you know what happened when Bella and I scheduled to observe a movie night on one Saturday? During the day time, we spent our time together reminiscing the achievements of our one-year old relationship. When we compiled the results, it showed that we had overused the year. This was justified by the countless number of times she went for medical check-ups at the hospital, complaining about excruciating pains at her abdominal and pelvic regions. Even though, we were yet to factor in complications she suffered from her chest regions.

On my part, it was a bit different. Apart from that day I pounded her pussy nonstop for one hour, I never suffered any serious sickness. I remember feeling a lot of pains along the entire length of my shaft after our carnal ordeal. It would have been worse except that the oily lubricants from Bella's organ patiently bathed my hammer. I thank God that they are always there for me. When we finished spending the whole day celebrating our sexual victories, we decided to part ways. She had to go home and prepare for our movie night.

Evening time came sooner than we expected. By 7:00 pm, Bella had arrived at my house. I was even overjoyed when she threw herself onto my arms and gave me a lovely hug. She must be so proud of her serviceman. After exchanging pleasantries with my family members, she went straight into my room. I followed suit.

We were now in my room, and probably sitting on my bed to watch movies. Bella always kills me with her sexy dresses. She wore a miniskirt with perforations at the lower end. I made a big mistake by not prescribing a dress code for the movie night. The only question was whether such a mistake could turn out to be a blessing. Through the lens of her miniskirt, I could see a whole lot of invitations directed to me.

At the tap of a power button, my laptop engine roared to life and displayed my desktop. Bella was so impressed to see that I had used one of her sexy photos as the background. She felt like a newly crowned queen. I didn't need to tell her I was her boss. We were supposed to be watching movies by now. So I navigated through my folders and finally got what I was looking for.  But we were still confused, the movies were too many to select. There were folders labelled, "Carmen Hayes, Officer James, Dellota Brown, Stormi D, Mandingo, Mia K, Fat Ass, Wicked, Congo Tourist, Cynthera Squirt etc." How can one possibly select from an endless collection of movies like this? Due to the indecision that struck us at that moment, we suspended our movie night for a while.

The movies folders I opened alone charged me like a rock. Bella herself couldn't hide her mood changes. She probably wanted us to watch our own movie in real time. She was already wet down there. I didn't need a hygrometer to determine that the relative humidity at her southern region was more than 50%. It was definitely going to rain that night.

Irresistibly, I started massaging her whole body. Our lips were intimately locked while my left hand started enjoying somewhere. I nearly lost my temper because my left hand had betrayed me. I needed to step in as soon as possible. My whole body was hard like a refrigerated stone. Since we were already bare, I pushed her gently and she lay face-down on the bed.

With her face down while her buttocks were up, I could see a small hole fitted at her lower back. It wasn't fully exposed, so I needed to do a little work. But that won't be a big deal for a physicist. It took me seconds to separate her buttocks and then, I started aiming. This position was too sweet. I was even shivering while I kept loading and offloading goods through that tiny whole. Due to the small area of contact, the coefficient of frictional force between us was not negligible. My mouth was wide open while Bella could be heard moaning pleasurably. To confess and to summarize, this style was too dope. As you know, killer styles like this do not favor my stamina.

Due to the intensity of the feeling, I began panting and acting weird. Bella was in trouble, she was still enjoying it and even wanted more. However, my mucous discharge lack understanding. They fired warning shots, signaling me stop my lame actions. I didn't want to be hit by a stray bullet. With my mouth opened at an angle of about 60°, it came out filling the entire depth of the hole. The excess liquid also spilled on her butt. I can't forget our happiness on that day. We just finished acting our own movie, maybe better than Dellota Brown and co.
We indefinitely postponed the movie night.
Ha-ha! I’m Bob Bright. Hope you enjoyed the story. Episode 6 of this is ready. Watch Out for it.

Writer: Robert Abalungo (Bob Bright)
BSc. Physics, KNUST
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