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Should You Fuck Her Faster or Slower?

Fucking Her Faster
Making good love to your partner is important in sustaining a relationship. For me, sex is the primary reason which motivates me to enter into a relationship. If the affair proves to satisfy my sexual desires and my partner is serious and I'm serious, then marriage is next.

Now that we understand that sexual intercourse is very important in keeping a relationship, how do you fuck her tight pussy when she offers you one? 😀 Of late, I like to make mention of "tight pussy". Factually, every pussy is a pussy; whether tight or not, you still gonna cum 💧💦 inside her. This article will educate you about how girls like their pussies to be fucked.

The following are the answers to how you should fuck her, faster or Slower


Fucking Her Slower

Fucking her in slow motion could depend on the mood of the man or woman and the kind of sex position employed. For example, with the doggy style sex position, there is more control and comfort for the man to periodically shift his sexual gears. With that sex position, it's easy to fuck her faster or slower.

The advantage of fucking her slower is that the man uses little energy. Observing reactions from Bella when I’m getting her fucked, what I have realized is that, she moans in low tones while receiving it. Slow sex is often used when the partners are deeply in love with each other and they want to feel every moment of the game. Slow sex is also less painful to the woman.

As a physicist, I think the slow motion reduces the contact frictional force between the two bodies, so there is less wear and tear. Consequently, it’s better to fuck her slowly when you realize that her vaginal lubrication has dropped in quantity. The intercourse will be very hurtful when you go faster inside her dry pussy. So, take it slow. That’s courtesy. It’s gentlemanly.

Lest I forget, fucking her slower also minimizes the stimulation received by the penis. Since the penis is attached to the man's body, then it means that slow motion sex allows men to increase their sex duration. For example, if your normal sex duration is 5 minutes, slow fucking can extend it to 7-10 minutes. That is not bad!

Which One Should You Fuck Her Faster?

Fucking Her Faster

For casual sex or one-night stand, most men prefer to fuck her faster. But it doesn’t matter at all. If your wife or girl likes it faster, then give it to her.

Fast-Fast sex is my taste, especially if I'm giving it to her in the doggy style. Just make sure you don't come near us when I’m on it with Bella. You will hear weakening sounds. I think the sounds go like "pa pa" or maybe "ta ta". 😀. Due to the loud screams which occur when you stroke faster, it is usually wiser for you to amplify your sound system, so as to confuse your neighbors from discovering the hell that is going on.

When you fuck her faster, it lifts up your image as a man. it makes you the boss. It shows your level of confidence. At the same time, the women even enjoy it more. The repeated stimulation lifts up her feelings like a rocket. For beginners, going faster and harder could significantly shorten your sexual duration.

The reason is that beginners haven't mastered the art of controlling their response to the feelings. A beginner fucking her faster is simply taking more than his threshold. He won't last a minute before oozing his semen💧😀.As for the old timers (experienced sex addicts), it's possible for them to still last long in bed, even if they are going at 5 strokes per second.

Should You Fuck Her Faster

Fuck her faster and she screams louder. That tells you she is enjoying the shit. But also, it could mean that the sex is too painful. As you hit her faster, you might have to question her to be sure she is really enjoying it. If it's too painful, then you might have to slow down for her.

Fast sex allows the man to hit at different interior sections of the vagina. If you get lucky and one of your strokes hit the supposed G-spot, then bingo! She might achieve an orgasm.

Now to Answer the Question: Whether You Should Fuck Her Faster or Slower

The answer is that it depends on the wishes of the girl who is being fucked. Some bitches like it faster; others want it slower. Be bold to ask her about her liking; she will willingly tell you.

When some girls who were picked at random and interviewed about this question, many of them suggested that they like a combination of fast and slow sex. Is that a big deal for us? No. It means you can pound her fast-fast for 1 minute and then change to slow motion for the next minute. That's the rule.

Now, go and murder that tight pussy. She will love you more if you fuck her well.
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