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About 3 weeks ago, I had a sexual blast with one of my sexy girls. No, she is actually only one girl, but she serves me more than a million bitches. Something special about her perfect pussy makes my dick yearn to live its entire life inside her. I don't know whether I used to caress it with my lips or what; that was because of its irresistible sweetness. Haha! Did I Go too Far? I only stopped giving cunnilingus because of a scary advice I got from a friend of mine who is a pharmaceutical specialist. According to the pharmacist, sucking a girl's pussy greatly increases your risk of contracting HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). For the love of my dear life, I have decided to temporarily obey that advice, even though, I don't know what the hell HPV is about. But I can assure you that the name doesn't sound pleasant at all.
In any case, let's get back to my sexual meet-up with Bella.

She lodged at my residence for about two weeks. These were two weeks of intense sexual acrobatics. They were two weeks of constant friction.  As the Man, I didn't want to get defeated in the bedroom games. Sexual disappointment is not just my thing. I have passed all those days of ignorance. Of all our sexual encounters, the last meetup was one of the unforgettable moments I can't afford to hide from my fans. What happened was that, she gave me a dangerous ride which I enjoyed a lot. It was literally like I had been to heaven. Well, let’s just call that style Heaven on Earth, instead of cowgirl position.

Cowgirl Sex Position - the Ride

The Following Is A Gist Of My Cowgirl Experiences With a Brutal Girlfriend.

Crazy Girl! I Thought Her How To Have Sex. Now, She Wants To Kill Me With My Own Tricks.
On the day of her departure, I wasn't even in the mood to fuck. But she wanted us to intimately connect. The previous night’s marathon had already exhausted me. Moreover, I had to prepare to attend a class by 10 am that day; it a was Wednesday. I begged Bella to forgive me, so that we can call off our sexual farewell. This girl lacked understanding. But that was partly because of her horny feelings. She just needed something soft but hard inside her pussy. I didn't want to offend her feelings, so I took a resting position on my bed, laying supine. She hurriedly undressed me and jumped on top of me. Thanks to my lackadaisical attitude, the feelings I felt when she stroked my dick couldn't make me to cum. She then grabbed my hardened dick and fitted it inside her tight hole. I was suffering with the feelings. It was more like an overdose of pleasure. Also, it was more like an attack, not sex.
Sexy Fat Ass

This girl was bouncing carelessly on my cock while crying peacefully. It was not a war, but I had to fight my feelings. They were becoming too much to be spread through the surface area of my small body. When she realized how I was suffering, she gave me a 20-second break. This was the first time I saw Bella seriously aiming at herself with my gun. She was a slut that day. Even though she manhandled me, I was still proud of her. I like it when a girl goes haywire on you. After all, she was doing all the hard work by herself. My only duty was to relax myself while enjoying the ride. Secondly, I had to ensure that I didn't cum early. That would mar the game and also dissatisfy her. I wanted her to enjoy till she cums first. Proudly, I succeeded in controlling my response to the stimulation.

As the ride progressed, Bella readjusted her pussy and lifted her weight from my body. Surprisingly, my dick was still stuck inside her at an angle of 90° to her cervix. It became overly sensitive when she continually penetrated herself with my gun. At that point, my mouth became widely opened while I moaned like a goat. Suddenly, I realized that she had reached her climax. She confirmed my theory but she offered and did further work on me until I also released that shit. 😃 It was a win-win situation for the two lovers. What shocked me was when she patted me on the back. It was simply an expression of appreciation. I was also grateful be to her. 
The Game Closed!

Nice One There

Alright Guys. Thanks. 
That Is It For Today. Hope You Had Fun Like I Did
Which Part Did You Enjoy Most? Pls Leave Some Comments.

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