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How to Make Love to Her for Hours

Please listen! As a man, you don't have to get caught in the 1-minute sexual duration. It just doesn't make you a man.
I think that it's not right for you to go through these sexual humiliations. Here are all the tricks you need to be able to dig that pussy for hours without suddenly contorting your face and letting the shit out prematurely.

Sex is too exciting to be played lazily. Well, good things come but once. So when you grab it, rub it. That makes you the boss. I don't need to remind you about how some girls really love taking the thing. They need it, so give it to them as much as you can 

The following are 4 ways men can employ to lengthen their sexual life span. 

I have tried these tips myself with Bella (my girlfriend). They worked perfectly for me.

Point 1; Control Your Thoughts and Feelings

We all know that sex is too sweet. Don't we? When I remember the day I broke my virginity during my teen years, I break into tears and laughter; it's an unforgettable experience. At first, I was completely naive. But when she helped me to locate the hole, and I finally entered the spot. It was dope. But I quickly reached my orgasm in a matter of few seconds. That happened because I didn't know how to control my feelings.

Sex is all about playing with your mind. To last long, you need to lessen your emotional response to the sensations. The periodic motion of the penis inside the vagina stimulates a lot of sensory nerves in the penis. When the feelings become too much, an explosion or sexual burst occurs. This is what we call orgasm. To defeat premature ejaculation, try to make your mind to wander about freely while you are busy with the act. For example: As a scientist, you can think about natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes while  having sex. Haha! Is that weird? 

The idea is to reduce your concentration in the sex game. When you think about different stuff while you are stuck inside her, it increases your sex duration. There you go! You are now a champion! The next time she opens her legs, make sure you stay there for a reasonable amount of time. Do not just come out crying and “squeezing” your face after 1 minute inside her.

Point number 2; Know the Sex Positions and Use the Favorable One

The fact is that sex positions play a huge role in determining the time limit for orgasm. Some sex positions are more killer than others. An Example is the cowgirl sexposition.  With this position, the girl straddles the man and rides him like a motorbike until he cums inside her pussy. This sex position allows the girl to sit on the man and do some grinding and winding. Since the man is not in control, the sexual feelings can overpower him easily.

Cowgirl Sex Position;

Anytime I try this position, it doesn't take long for me to sense the urge to orgasm. To solve the premature ejaculation problem, don't allow her to ride you for too long; you gonna cum quickly, whether you like it or not. That's why I like the doggy style; it gives me more control over my body. 

Point number 3; TryUsing Delay Sprays and Pills

There are many ways of killing a cat.  Example 1: You can put it on fireπŸ”₯, 2. You can drown it in water. Pharmacists/pharmacologists have developed substances which help men to increase their time in the bedroom. Unfortunately, ladies are somehow sidelined in this topic. But it's not bad, they can teach their boyfriends about these things. Most boys are completely naive about the numerous delay sprays such as “dragon spray”. This can be sprayed to the tip of the penis, about 10 to 15+ minutes before intercourse. 

I was fortunate to have tried used some from a friend. It didn't disappoint me.  Another friend introduced me to the “Wipes”. The wipes is a moist (oily) sheet of fabric which is applied on the penis (mostly the tip), about 20 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. To some people, the wipes is even more effective than the delay sprays. There are other delay sprays such as Promescent, the Adam and Eves Marathon and so on. A lot of these drugs can be purchased both cheaply and expensively across pharmacy shops in the world.

Dragon Delay Spray

One thing must be mentioned: These chemical substances might have their own side effects. It's recommended that you practice moderation. You can use them once in a while to impress your woman. But don't become addicted to aphrodisiacs. If you try hard, the natural methods listed above can even work for you. some herbal medicines can cure premature ejaculation; But be careful not toto overdose yourself.

Point number 3; Wear a CondoπŸ†πŸ₯•πŸŒΆπŸŒπŸ˜„

That is another way to help you pound her for long while protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The condom helps to reduce STIs and unwanted pregnancies.
As you enjoy your sex life, Don’t forget that HIV/AIDS is real ‼.

I'm still in my late twenties. Even if I want to die now, it's not through AIDS. Because of that, I stick to one partner like a fool. But If you are the promiscuous type, please wear your condoms. As for me, I like to tear her with my bare dick. Let's call it RAWπŸ˜„πŸ˜‚.  I just try to deceive myself that my partner is faithful as I am.

If you are not ready for marriage, please wear your condom. 
When put on properly, the condom partially shields the penis from receiving too much stimulation. This will help you to exceed your limit.

Sexy Slay Queen

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