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4 Killer Ways to Satisfy a Woman During Sex

What to Do for Her During Sex

A lot of boys just rush into slotting it inside when they are presented with the forbidden fruit. Ok, Is it even a forbidden fruit? Oh never! We all came out of that thing. How on Earth can we call it a forbidden fruit. Sex means more than the rush to penetrate her loin regions. If you get the gift, it's yours. So please take your time and eat it professionally.  There is no need to rush. Rushing is for the newbies; those who scarcely get a pussy.

I was one of those guys who used to pant and act childishly anytime I was offered such. But hey! It's completely normal for amateurs to fumble and display sexual ignorance. But it's not okay not to learn. In everything you do, you need to progress. I was lucky my girl believed in me and didn't dump me when I was flopping in the bedroom.

Shout outs to Bella. She now has a standard boyfriend. I’m now very confident and proud of my abilities.  Lol, Some people can brag! Just Kidding, that is the truth. Yes, my sexual success story stems from my eagerness to learn. 

From my own testimonies, I strongly advise you to do the following things when you are having sex with your girlfriend. She will enjoy it and love you more.

Suck Her Boobs

The succulent breast of girls should be well used by boys. They were specially made for us. Fondle and suck her tits like you are a baby; she is your mum. The boobs are one of my favorite parts of a woman. Even if you don't know how to go about a professional foreplay, just gently press and suck her breasts when you are getting her laid. The breast is one of the erogenous zones of women. It's easy to turn her on when you play with her breasts.

 It doesn't matter the size or shape of your woman's package. Make good use of whatever she has to offer you.  The more time you fondle her breast, the hornier she gets. When  she is wet down there, reception of the dick becomes smooth and satisfying. She can easily reach her orgasm. That is how a pro does his things. Don't be a dickhead; make her to scream "Oh Yeah I'm Cumming"

Nice Sexy Ass

Finger Her Pussy

Is that a difficult thing to do? Fingering is when you insert your clean fingers into her vajayjay. It depends on your preference or her preference, but I normally go with one or two fingers.
The fingering act can be performed either before or during sex. But it's better you start with it. Again, from my own experiences, what I have I realized is that, anytime I place my finger inside her pussy, she screams in pleasure and shakes her body. She also releases more lubricants. That tells you the degree of satisfaction she derives.

It's important to note that some girls like to be fingered, others do not. It's up to you the man to use your own wisdom and figure out her response to fingering. Before I forget, let me caution you that, don't just stick your dirty fingers inside a good pussy, make sure your fingers are clean and trimmed. Otherwise, you are going to introduce some germs into her vagina. That won't be a good idea. You want to always have her tight pussy at your disposal. Go and give it a shot and tell me your story. I wish you good luck.

An Interesting Experience with Fingering

I tried something new on my girlfriend one time. The results proved very groundbreaking. What happened was that, she knelt down and was receiving it from behind. Definitely, that was the doggy style sex position (one of my favorites). While I was going back and forth inside her pussy, I used my left hand to touch the outermost parts of her vagina. Her response to the stimulation shocked me.

She screamed and asked for more. I was sure that my hand touched her clitoris, that was why she yelled and yearned for more. It became very funny when I lifted my hand from her pussy, but she quickly grabbed it and sent it back to the same place. You see, that's it. You need to get good at monitoring how your girl behaves when you are fucking her tight pussy. She will love you more if you service her well

Kiss👄 Her While You Are Fucking Her

NB: I'm a bad kisser. ðŸ‘„ 💋 👅.
But if you really think about the meaning of kissing, then you will realize that there is nothing called "a bad kisser". Kissing, by definition, is just when you use your lips to touch that of your partner’s. Easy! Isn't it. When you are pounding her with the missionary style (man on top), it is good to occasionally lock your lips with hers. That makes the love making more intimate. It shows that you are enjoying her pussy.

Ladies like to know whether they are satisfying their men or not. At first, I didn't always care to kiss during sex. Luckily enough, I trained my girl to communicate her sexual wishes freely to me. Communication is key. Ask her about what she likes; she will tell you. When I opened her mind, she confessed that she loves to kiss more during sex. I don't know the one who made her to like kisses during sex🤔 I'm sure she was cheating on me with another dude😄. Oh No!  But no offence, I have forgiven her for all the bad things she did before she met me. If she intentionally cheats on me today, Game Closed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm so happy that I wrote this important article. I hope you Enjoyed it like I did. There are more things you can do for her, such as spanking her ass or even licking👅 her pussy😃. But we can tackle the rest another time.

🙌 Thanks for Reading ðŸ™Œ

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